OPINION: Why do people always scrutinize only Saudi Arabia?


by Qamar Falahi

These days, everyone seem to be inspecting and scrutinizing Saudi Arabia and it’s esteemed scholars. But who is it that has given them the right to do so, a question that can never be answered. While we continue to ignore our stained and crumpled shirts, yet observe the slightly worn-out collars of others. We all stand enthusiastically in the queue, as commentators, reformers and scholars – judging Saudi Arabia.

While there is no objection on those who diligently follow the Saudi government and respect their decisions, however it are the antagonist who refuse and fail to control and check their tongues.

“This is what Saudi Arabia and their Scholars should have done for Palestine and the Ummah” – is the usual casual demand and examen – as if Allah Almighty had revealed this divine responsibility exclusively upon Saudi Arabia, while the rest of the muslims were exonerated. We have not been given the rights to criticize, judge or hold to accountability.

The only responsibility of the Saudi government is the maintenance and protection of the Haramain, to keep them free of idols and to serve the honorable pilgrims of Allah Almighty. Yes, if there were flaws or insufficient preparations regarding the pilgrimage, then we can help the Saudi government to identify the shortcomings and rectify them.

Besides, all muslims are equally responsible for Palestine and on all matters concerning the grievances of the Ummah.

Saudi government’s collective decision to sever diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar, is their internal matter. When we ourselves cut off ties with our relatives, not meeting them for years, leaves us not in a position to criticize others. Our throat goes dry reprehending others, yet ignoring self conduct. How is this justice?

Ungratefulness and thanklessness is as such, it is never appreciated how much the Saudi government has generously served and benevolently gifted the Ummah. Statistics are available online for us to verify and can be confirmed through our respective embassies.

Were they blessed with oil, because we prayed for them? Were they blessed to rule as rulers over the Haramain, because we prayed for them? Not at all!

I have never come across any Quranic verse or Hadith that has categorically been addressed to the Saudi government, rather the verses have addressed the entire Muslim Ummah who shall be accountable for what they sow.

Originally written in Urdu by Qamar Falahi, translated in English by Afreen Baig.

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