FAITH: “Adhkaar” — an Ultimate Shield for your Child’s Safety


by Dr-Umme Talhah

The horrifying incidents of child abuse and molestations, the relentless kidnappings, the medical negligence, the food adulterations, the ever growing list of deadly diseases, the chronic illnesses, not to forget the ‘unpredictable accidents’ (choking, drowning, fractures, head injuries, etc) makes us restless, worried and disturbed, more so for our helpless and innocent children.

You could be super vigilant parents, taking care of every little detail in your child’s life yet you could fail!

Simply because we are humans, we have limited capacity, we cannot be with anyone 24×7, you could just be around the corner and your child could choke on a piece of fruit that he used to eat daily!

Sounds depressing, right?

NO! We have a very powerful and effective solution at our disposal. The weapon of ‘ADHKAR’, the morning and evening supplications.

As a responsible adult, it is our duty to recite the adhkar without fail, everyday!

As a parent, you should make this a part of your routine for you and your children, like you take care of their food, clothing, studies and health by Allah’s izn, making zikr part of their life is very important! Make their day smooth and safe from every evil out there.

When the child is of age where he/she can understand things, teach them the importance of duas. Encourage them in memorising the duas.

Strengthen their bond with Allah – the Ever Living. Make them familiar with the names and attributes of Allah.

Teach them, ‘There is No Power and Might except with Allah’.

Allah guarantees protection from everything evil with these supplications. What more do we need?

When we have ingrained this habit, we all would be just fine bi’idnillah, be it any corner of the world.

Tawakkul and prescribed duas is a gift from Allah. Embrace it O Muslims!

Dr-Umme Talha is an MBBS Medical Doctor and a writer for Milli Chronicle.

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