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The Milli Chronicle is an English language digital news publication based in England, United Kingdom. It features original reporting, world news, analysis and op-ed columns. It primarily focuses on MENA affairs. The motto of The Milli Chronicle is “Factual Version of a Story”. It was launched in 2018 as a non-profit digital journalism project.


Founded on 22 September 2018 as an online newspaper in the English language. On 18 October 2021, the publication was formally registered in England.


The England-based digital news publication The Milli Chronicle is part of the Milli Chronicle Media Limited (Company number 13684582).


Millichronicle.com is part of Milli Chronicle Media Limited. Millichronicle.com employs the slogan “Factual Version of a Story”. Articles are digitally published on the website.


The Milli Chronicle’s content ranges from daily news update, politics and finance to sports and social events. It is also a dedicated platform for Counter Extremism.

The content of the publication is for the readers with the provisions of “fair use” in order to help them with better insights of politics, economics, and socio-religious issues. Milli Chronicle also publishes free content which is contributed independently. It also republishes content with due credits for public awareness .

Milli Chronicle is also known for promoting Muslim-Jewish dialogue.

Some of the Milli Chronicle’s distinguished articles were cited by international authors.

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Milli Chronicle accepts and publishes guest posts.

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Email: info@millichronicle.com.