BLOG: Do you want a wife or maid?


I was talking to a relative aunty recently and she was telling me PROUDLY that her son doesn’t even know how to boil eggs.. He doesn’t even lift a glass of water for himself and we are finding a wife for him who will (of course) do all his stuff. I WAS SURPRISED, SHOCKED, ANGRY and what not!

If that’s the reason our men marry because they cannot cook, they cannot get a glass of water from their refrigerator, then it’s a matter of shame for our society.

Larka kamaata nai hai, shaadi krdo, theek hojayega!

Haath se nikal gaya hai, shadi kardo, bivi qaboo mai karlegi!

Out of the town jana par gaya hai, shadi krdo, helper ki zarorat nai paregi!

Bivi chahye ya maasi? – Do you want a wife or maid?

I mean just for all these stupid reasons, our men marry. They don’t marry because they HAVE TO! They marry when nobody is there to do their stuff.. Then wife comes, give birth to kids, neglect herself just for the sake of her husband and kids and later on she had to listen to this,

“ tum moti hogai ho, weight kum karo”

“apne app pe dheyaan do”

“husband ka affair chal rha hai, bivi ko tu dekhta b nai hai”

And if in a rare chance, husband is helpful and assists wife in house chores, other people treat him like he is doing something soooo awesome that they give him a medal. Why don’t people offer such medals and praises to a wife who is doing this all by herself?

So please guys, don’t forget yourself while pleasing your husband and kids and family.

I am not saying don’t help your husband or don’t iron his shirts, or don’t cook for him. Do that! But please don’t let others treat you like a maid..

The real change will happen when we will apply this. Let us teach our brothers, our sons, our men to be independent and helpful because just like women, they are a part of the house. Let us teach them to behave like a partner with their wives, not like a guest in their own homes.

Taken from aSuperTiredMom.

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