The disease of Unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir


by Drx Javeed Shameem

The increasing unemployment in a country like India; and the state of Jammu and Kashmir has reached to a new level of unemployment that has become everyone’s concern.

Every passing day adds to the quota of unemployed youth and this serious matter have left every educated youth in the dilemma, despair and hopelessness especially in the present state of affairs when there is a wide spread parallel corrupt system working against a so called government.

The viral state of corruption in our country has put a big question mark on the future of every deserving candidate when it comes to recruiting them for various jobs in different departments. There may be no need to provide a proof for this claim, as every native of this country knows about the scandals our country has faced so far at the hands of politicians.

Shaykh Saleh Al -Uthymeen has pointed out the evil effects of joblessness of youth in his book Mushkilatu Shabab (it simply refers problem of youth): “Joblessness is a disease that kills mental intellectual and physical capabilities. As a matter of fact, it is inevitable that human beings should move and work if they are deprived of work and activity their brains become beset, their intellects become exhausted, the discipline of their minds becomes weak and devilish insinuations and malicious thoughts take control of their hearts. Evil and wicked intentions may occur to them as a result of the depression that befalls them due to their joblessness.”

Keeping in the view the evil effects of unemployment it is not difficult to understand the cause of wide spread of drug abuse and the people responsible for it.

It is a great responsibility of the thoughtful people of our society to take the matter into consideration and find a way out for the present chaotic situation so that our treasure “the youth” may be saved from being exploited.

Drx Javeed Shameem is from Budgam J&K, he holds doctorate in Medicine, and stays active in organizing Drug Awareness Events in Srinagar.

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