Protests in Bihar’s Gaya, as 16-year-old girl found beheaded and head burnt in Acid

Bihar – A massive protest erupted on Sunday in Bihar’s Gaya after a 16-year-old girl was found beheaded, while her mutilated head was burnt in acid, and deep gashes were found on her chest, her family alleges that she was raped and murdered.

The victim went missing from her home on December 28. However, on January 6, her decomposed body was found. Her family alleges that Police purposefully delayed and acted lazily.

On the other hand, Police’s version is—she was a victim of family’s honor killing.

This led to unabated anger among the people over the Police authorities, and

they took out candle light marches on Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, Senior Police officer, Rajiv Mishra narrated a different angle of the story. He said, the victim’s mother and sisters claimed that she returned home on December 31, but her father sent her away with a male relative at around 10pm.

The man was arrested. But he denied murdering the girl.

An autopsy report will confirm whether the girl was raped.