Iran-backed Houthi militia destroy food and basic goods storehouses in Yemen

Hodeidah – The Iran-backed Houthi militia has bombed Hodeidah’s storehouses maintained by Saudi relief organizations. The storehouses contained food and basic goods to be distributed to the Yemeni people.

According to the UAE state news agency WAM, the militia purposefully attacked those storehouses, located 7Kms east of Hodeidah to hide their raids, and later looted the humanitarian aid.

“The Houthis were responsible for the worsening humanitarian conditions in the country and that they sold the stolen items for profit,” said Dr. Abdulraqeeb Fath, the Yemeni Minister of Local Administration and the Chairman of the High Committee for Relief in Yemen.

The United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) also accused the Iran-backed Houthis of plundering the distribution of humanitarian support in Yemen.

David Paisley, UNWFP Executive Director said, “the disruption was tantamount to stealing food from the mouths of the hungry.”

These practices should stop, he added.