FAITH: We talk about all rights but not the right of Allah


by Tahir Sanabili

Today people talk about Rights and there are variety of rights like rights of mountains, rights of skies, rights of even Tuna fish and a lot more.

Everybody talks about rights of creations, but nobody talks about the rights of the Creator.

No matter people flaunt about carring out the variety of rights but they have never fulfilled any of these rights.

People have studied everything about Stars, but they have never studied about who created them.

They looked at the sun and were awed by it, they looked at the Moon and were awed by it, and they started to worship them.

The short-sighted person always gets influenced by the outward glims, so he forgets the One who created them.

When a doctor treats you, you try best to fulfill his rights by words and finance, though the cure comes from Allah. But we never repay the rights of Allah, we don’t even mention about it.

You thank a person for a glass of water but you have never thanked the One who engineered your entire body system.

The education that keeps a person away from recognizing Allah—is of no use.

We fear everything on the planet, but we care least to fear Allah.

Have belief that Creator exists and He created us for His worship alone.

Oh man, you eat what Allah gives you, and you breath from what Allah has provided you, but you have never spoken about His rights.

The one who forgets Allah, Allah forgets him. When he dies, he pleads Allah to give him respite to go back and worship Him.

So to fulfill any right – a person has to have Eeman that is belief and the fear of Allah.

The culmination of all rights is the fulfilment of rights of Allah.

When you fulfill the rights of Allah, Allah gets fulfilled all the rights directed towards you.

When you are concerned about the rights of everything but not the rights of Allah, it leads to anarchy, tranny, and chaos.

A person feels he is achieving salvation and is heading towards the right direction but he gets drowned but he feels not about it.

Today a wave is rising, the wave of anarchy, the wave of unaccountability. The person who follows this wave, gets destroyed.

The ignorant of the highest level is the one who recognizes everything but he ignores the One created it.

A person has to recognize Allah, not based on logic and analogy, but based on proofs and evidences, based on Himself described in the Quran.

To use analogies to understand the attributes of Allah – is the attack on the rights of Allah.

The fear of accountability or the fear of Allah watches is the right of Allah.

Loving Allah is also the right of Allah.

The person who has the love of Allah, he leaves all sorts of love that distract from the love of Allah.

It is also the right of Allah, to consider Him alone as the reliever of problems, rescuer during hardships, the one who cures and the one who bestows all sorts of divine help.

Take lessons from the Quran, and spread it among the humanity that it’s the book that has come to solve every problem of humankind.

Article is based on Tahir Sanabili’s Urdu lecture at 22nd Annual Urdu Conference at Jubail Dawah Center – Saudi Arabia on January 4 2019.

Tahir Sanabili works as a fulltime Preacher for Qassim Dawah Center – Saudi Arabia.

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