VIDEO: Ramadan in India

Ramadan in India started on Friday. Over 250 million Muslims observe the holy month of Ramadan with spiritual zeal.

India is the home to world’s third largest Muslim population. From Kashmir to Hyderabad, from Delhi to Kerala, Ramadan is celebrated by the Muslim community.

India which is a centre of multiple religions. Here Muslims can freely observe fasting, and pray Taraveeh. They can hold religious gatherings.

India is not only home to different religions, but also different schools of thought, among Muslims, like Sufis, Deobandis, Shiites, and Ahley hadees. They peacefully live together.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset and abstain from food, drink and other physical needs. Ramadan is a month of giving charity. Muslims give zakah and charity, to those in need. 

Muslims also celebrate this month with family and friends, by gathering for Iftaar. Ramadan is a time of spiritual growth and devotion to Allah, and it is celebrated with joy and gratitude by Muslims all around India.