326 homes for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are starting to be rebuilt by Qatar

Doha – For Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the voluntary organisation Qatar Charity is rebuilding 326 homes. In March, a fire in the Balukhali camp caused damage to them.

The Qatar News Agency said on Monday that design and building of the homes, which will have two rooms for each family to live in, had started. Authorities in the area expressed gratitude to the Qatari people for their assistance with the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and continued humanitarian operations in other refugee camps across the nation.

About 12,000 refugees were forced to flee their homes after a big fire at the Balukhali camp in Cox’s Bazar started on March 5. The fire also damaged hospitals and educational buildings and destroyed more than 2,000 dwellings.

537 dwellings for Rohingya refugees in the close-by Kutupalong camp were previously renovated by Qatar Charity after being similarly devastated by fire in 2021.