Saudi Arabia’s Mecca is shown in photographs from space taken by Emirati astronaut Sultan al-Neyadi

The International Space Station (ISS) astronaut Sultan al-Neyadi of the United Arab Emirates has uploaded video of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The clip was described as “a gift for Salman’s children on these blessed nights” by Al-Neyadi when he posted it on his Twitter page.

A commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, home to the Two Holy Mosques, the location of the revelation, and the land of the message, he continued.

The footage showed Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mosque blazing in the dark with Mecca and Medina lighted up.

Since beginning his six-month mission in March, the Emirati astronaut has shared footage from the ISS on a daily basis.

He posted a video footage of his workout programme in zero gravity earlier this week.

Al-Neyadi can be seen fastening his seatbelt to a peculiar-looking treadmill that appears to use springs and a harness to offset the effects of zero gravity.

As he runs, the harness pulls him lower, imitating the effects of gravity on Earth.

Al-Neyadi wrote in a tweet that “strapping in for a run on the space station can be quite the adventure,” and that he has been “embracing the unique challenges that come with working out on the ISS.”

Al-Neyadi shared magnificent images of a sandstorm from last month and declared that taking photos from space is one of his “favourite activities”.

When Sultan al-Neyadi leaves the ISS on April 28, he will become the first Arab to finish a spacewalk.

He follows in the footsteps of other Arab astronauts like Saudi Arabia’s Prince Sultan bin Salman, who was the first Arab to travel to space in 1985, and Emirati Hazzaa al-Mansouri, who became the first Arab aboard the International Space Station in 2019.