France expresses gratitude to Saudi Arabia for evacuating Sudan

Riyadh – After the French Navy frigate Lorraine evacuated UN personnel from Sudan to the Kingdom on Wednesday, France congratulated Saudi Arabia.

The operation, according to Ludovic Pouille, France’s ambassador to the Kingdom, was “a stunning success, highlighting the excellent cooperation between France, Saudi Arabia, and the UN in this evacuation.”

He thanked the Kingdom for playing a significant part in the operation and for housing the evacuees with “such generosity in the tradition of the Kingdom.” He also thanked the crew of the Lorraine.

As security worries in Sudan grew more serious, the UN asked the French government for help to ensure the safety of the organization’s staff.

The organisation expressed its gratitude for the French government’s prompt and efficient response in planning the evacuation and safeguarding the security of its workers.

On Tuesday, the Lorraine left Port Sudan with UN employees and aid personnel. Six French citizens were among the 398 people from 64 different nations that were on board. From Port Sudan, the ship went across the Red Sea.

It arrived on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. in Jeddah Islamic Port.

The evacuees disembarked, and Saudi authorities gave them the assistance and support they needed. When they arrived, they were welcomed with open arms and given food, shelter, and medical care.

French people were helped and the arrival of the vessel was handled by Catherine Corm-Kammoun, the French consul general in Jeddah.