ANALYSIS: From Muslim Genocide to Islamophobia—Who runs Anti-India narratives?


JFA is the hotbed of anti-India narratives.

Human rights issues are being weaponized to exploit Indian democracy by US-based Pakistan/Jamaat fronts, created to exploit Indian fault-line in the name of rights and freedom. Alas, they are given prominence by Indians not knowing their truth. One such front is Justice for All.

Justice For All (JFA) is a Chicago-based organization, founded in 1999 by a Pakistani national Abdul Malik Mujahid, former head (1975-77) of Jamiat-e-Talaba which is a Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan’s youth/student wing (it’s Indian counterpart is Student Islamic Organization — SIO).

JFA is the hotbed of anti-India narratives, creating multiple fronts in name of practically all Indian rights’ issues to exploit the Indian fault lines. Its core objective is to paint India with labels of fascism, Islamophobia, and genocide.

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For example, #SaveIndia project is a key project of JFA to ‘fight fascism in India’. However, it was conceived by JFA and Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) founder Shaik Ubaid, first as ImanNet, a networking site for US Muslims, which was later renamed as Save India.

Burma Task Force (BTF), another JFA project run with Shaik Ubaid, had hired US lobby firm Fidelis Govt Relations (FGR) to get India blacklisted by US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

BTF collected funds in the name of Rohingyas and Uyghurs, and paid $2,67,000 to FGR.

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‘Free Kashmir’ is another project of JFA against India where it operates along with other Pakistan’s Intelligence network ISI, and Jamaat backed fronts such as Stand With Kashmir and ISI operatives like Ghulam Nabi Fai.

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JFA’s Jamaat ancestry

JFA is supported by another front ‘Sound Vision’ which was also founded by Mujahid in 1988 when he was associated with Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). The ICNA is Jamaat offshoot in the West.

ICNA is key to connect all Islamist fronts in the US. ICNA was set up by Jamaat, being inspired by a similar front of Muslim Brotherhood called Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). How creative!

From Pakistan with love?

The core of JFA comprises of Pakistani origin Jamaat linked individuals namely Md. Yunus, Hena Zuberi, Kalim Farooki, Taha Ghayyur, Md. Khalid Riyaz, etc. The only prominent Indian member in JFA is Ahmadullah Siddiqi — founder of banned militant outfit Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

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Hena Zuberi, Director of JFA, is a ‘journalist’. She is cousin of Retired Pakistan Army Colonel Kaleem Zuberi. Hena is also associated with of Afia Foundation, which was set up to defend Aafia Siddiqui aka ‘Lady Al Qaeda’, who aided the 9/11 attacks mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

For some reasons, JFA has hidden all links with Pakistan from its revamped website, but the archives gave away. JFA’s early website redirected to ‘pakgovnet-kashmir’ of Pakistani Government, whose ‘Kashmir’ section endorsed Jamaat-e-Islami thinktank — Islamabad Policy Studies and YesPakistan.Org.

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YesPakistan.Org is a lobby front set up by Pakistani expats in the US in 1970s to influence US body-politic, and it shares the same Kashmir toolkit of JFA. It is run by Human Development Foundation, which in turn is run by retired Pakistani army officials.

Other than denting India’s image: JFA remains busy raising funds – funds for the big villas in US, business class travels, and at 5-star events.

Funds also for their children’s costly education in US – all for human rights.

How lucrative is human rights business?

It must be very lucrative. Why else all the Jamaat fronts bring all their family members to lead, not outsiders. From sons to daughter to daughter-in-laws. It’s all in family.

Despite being founded and run by all Pakistani members, JFA doesn’t raises a single human rights concern of Pakistan. Not even a single one. Indians, Pakistanis, and Americans – all are worried only about India.

The article is based on DisInfoLab’s twitter thread.

DisInfo Lab describes itself as a separate legal entity with the motive of unveiling fake news and propaganda that intend to create turmoil among people.

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