OPINION: Oh Saudi Arabia, may your pride continue


by Major General Khaled Al-Mraeed

On the National Day, we remember the founder King Abdulaziz and his heroism, and his sacrifices and great achievements that we enjoy today.

The 91st Glorious National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has come, and the Saudis see it as a special day to celebrate and be proud of their great achievements of their nine decades of unity, strength, prosperity and progress.

The Saudis also see it as a special national day, because it is not an independence day as in most countries. We did not submit to colonialism and colonialists, but rather our rulers were from us, and this in itself is an unmatched honor for every Saudi citizen. A pride that lifts the morale of the Saudi people at its highest levels and prepares them resistant to the hostile targeting.

Celebrating the National Day is important for any country that believes in the homeland and patriotism. It enhances belonging and strengths and makes the citizen enthusiastic and proud of his country, his leadership and his achievements, which makes him defend desperately and in a high spirit for these gains.

Our national day is important, by which we remember the many blessings we enjoy in this great country, and we thank God and praise Him for His grace and success.

We recall the unity after separation, security after fear, knowledge after ignorance, and health and wellness after disease.

On the National Day, we remember the founder King Abdulaziz – may God have mercy on him – and his heroism, and his sacrifices and great achievements that we enjoy today.

We also remember our heroes on the southern border and everywhere who strive to protect the borders and sanctities. We are proud of them and we pray to God for their success and victory.

On this national occasion, we as citizens must be proud of the homeland, its leadership and its achievements, and to devote citizenship in word and deed in every action, and to be strong around our wise leadership.

It is no secret to the sons of the homeland that the homeland and its leadership are subjected to malicious campaigns aimed at stopping the great goals that our courageous leadership seeks, which whenever it is subjected to more attacks and challenges, the more brilliance and strength it is as usual for the greats.

In any case, we are stepping together on the path of glory towards further growth, development and strength.

We ask God, the Ever-Living, to preserve and grant success to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and to his faithful Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, and to protect the country from the plots of the plotters.

Major General Khaled Almraeed is specialized in military and strategic affairs. He is author of a book on the restoration of Riyadh 1319 from a military and strategic perspective. He tweets under @khaledalmraeed.

Original first published on Al Riyadh in Arabic. Translated by Millichronicle.

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