OPINION: Partition of India and Pakistan left us bleeding


by Abul Faatih Mohammad Arshad Ahamed

The partition of India was like a soul parted from its body, fragrance from blossoms and gleam from the moon.

Unified India was creatively murdered on 14th August 1947, and it was nothing but a historically manufactured blunder, a blunder which was sowed by British, watered by fascists and executed by racists. A blunder which was not unimaginable but perhaps a horrific brutal monstrous dark episode in history which didn’t show us the way of generosity but of animosity, not of religiosity but of enmity.

The partition of India was like a soul parted from its body, fragrance from blossoms and gleam from the moon. Whenever I read about partition, I feel uncomfortable and goosebumps emerge with cold shivers streaming through the spinal cord as if history has whispered in my ears, screams of innocent women, tears of guiltless children, the corpse of faultless men which appears in front of my eyes.

14 million Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs fled from their ancestral village, towns and cities and moved towards the patches of land which they had never been before. It was worst of times. It was not the best of times, perhaps, it was an age of brutality, it was an age of foolishness, it was a season of darkness and winter of ignorance. The ignorance made by our own hands, cooked by our own hands and distributed by our own hands

Partition was never in the favor of Indians or living souls but in the favor of British and dead heart emissaries.

As reported in (Independent UK), on the night of 14 August 1947 – as a nation was being split into two – Lord Mount batten was reportedly enjoying a screening of the Bob Hope film My Favourite Brunette.

Mount batten was far from the first viceroy to keep to eccentric habits as India was headed for chaos. Many people went missing, some were slaughtered and some were killed although a study shows the total population inflows and outflows in the districts of Punjab, using the data provided by the 1931 and 1951 census led to a calculation of 1.3 million missing Muslims who left western India but did not reach Pakistan. The corresponding number of missing Hindus/Sikhs along the western border is estimated to be approximately 0.8 million.

An American intellectual inscribes about the partition – Empire: How Britain made the Modern World on page 349, “In particular, Mount batten put pressure on the supposedly neutral Boundary Commissioner, Sir Cyril Radcliffe to make critical adjustments when drawing the frontier through the Punjab”.

Storm of terror and climate of barbarity with the clouds of brutality and lighting of cruelty, this bloodthirstiness isn’t mythical but real and actual, as one of the historians engraves about partition in – The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History Page (307–333), “Four thousand Muslim shops and homes were destroyed in the walled area of Amritsar during a single week in March 1947”. We shall not forget and we will not forget it was a well-built agenda to weaken Muslims of India, and there are some oblivious illiterate humans who call Muslims as “anti-national” or “ghadaar “ (betrayer), we need not answer them.

Heavens will fall and the earth will plunge, the sun and the moon will screech with blood gushing from the tree of life which will answer them in shivering roar like a sword in throat and needle in eyes. But we shall not answer and we will not answer. The testimony of earth and the certification of history will speak louder than your grudge because we didn’t choose history but history has chosen us.

We are Indians as much we are Muslims. We had a choice to go to Pakistan but we still preferred India because it is our country and nobody has the right to question our nationality. We love our religion as well as our homeland because our religion Islam teaches us to love our country and our country teaches us to love Islam.

Abul Faatih Mohammad Arshad Ahamed is a graduate from Madras University And Kuliyatul Azaan Al Arabiya. He studied history, polity, Arabic, Islamic theology, philosophy and logic. He is an Orator, Writer, and Intellectual Activist.

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