Shitte cleric who said “Coronavirus is God’s punishment” gets Coronavirus

Tehran – Iraq’s Shitte cleric Hadi Al-Modarresi who claimed that the novel Coronavirus is “God’s punishment against Chinese people” was reported to be infected with Coronavirus.

The 63-year-old cleric during his stay in Iran’s Qom city in February said that, “the coronavirus outbreak was undoubtedly an act of God that is divine punishment against the Chinese for their treatment, mockery, and disrespect towards Muslims and Islam”, reported MEMRI-TV.

“It is obvious that the spread of this virus is an act of God. How do we know this? The spread of the coronavirus began in China, an ancient and vast country, the population of which makes up one seventh of humanity”, said Al-Modarresi.

However, reports have suggested that Al-Modarresi has himself contacted the virus, and he tweeted his picture on March 10, wearing a surgical mask while mentioning about improvement of his health condition.

Iran is one of the badly hit countries from the coronavirus infection with a death toll reaching upto 853 and a total of 14,991 people are infected across the country.

On March 10, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran said he had asked Tehran to free all political prisoners temporarily from its overcrowded and disease-ridden jails to help stem the spread of coronavirus.