Famous Indian exegete of Quran Dr. Luqman Salafi passes away in Riyadh

Riyadh – The famous Indian exegete of Quran Dr. Luqman Salafi passed away on Thursday afternoon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after a prolonging ailment.

77-year-old Dr. Mohammed Luqman al-Salafi who authored the classical Urdu exegesis of Quran known as “Tayseer ur-Rehman lil-Bayanil Quran”, was also an author, lecturer, religious preacher and the founder of Islamic seminary Jamia Ibn Taimiyah in north-Indian state of Bihar.

Dr. Salafi worked as an assistant for former Saudi Mufti Shaykh Abdulaziz bin Baz for 30 years for translating and compiling classical Islamic literature. He authored variety of short books which were later translated in multiple languages to benefit the Muslims world-wide.

Muslims across the social-media expressed grief and supplicated for the exegete.

Chief of Jamiat Ahle-Hadees Hind Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi expressed the condolences to Dr. Salafi’s family.

His funeral prayers is scheduled after special noon prayers on Friday in Saudi Arabia.