Khomeini’s ex-representative in Iran’s Islamic Ministry dies of Coronavirus infection

Tehran – Khomeini’s former representative in the Ministry of Islamic Guidance of Iran Sayyed Hojatol Eslam Hadi Khosroshai died due to coronavirus infection at Tehran’s Masih Daneshvari hospital on Thursday, official IRNA news media reported.

Khosroshai was a prominent figure in Iran’s Qom seminary and he represented Khomeini in the Islamic ministry after the Revolution of 1979,

Khosroshai also served as the former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Vatican and head of the Iranian representation in Cairo for 3 years.

Khosroshai translated the writings Syed Qutb of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in Persian language and he organized a symposium in February 2015 at the main library of Tehran University, on the subject of “Revisiting and Analyzing the Views of Sayyed Qutb”. Khosroshai accused the Saudi Government of censoring Qutb’s literature.