OPINION: Accusations don’t reflect Urbanization, it reflects Barbaric Urbanization


by Turki al-Owerde

Prejudice and indiscriminate accusations do not reflect urbanization and self-respect.

Direct communication between people is the most effective to help to avoid the dirty ideological and political games that cause more complexity, conflicts and wars.

It’s easy for me and you to turn a blind eye but then what would make us different from extremists and terrorists? Extremist and terrorists do huge efforts to to ignite hate, conflict and war. Don’t help them.

Our role as individuals who seek peace is to make an important effort to participate in peacemaking. Otherwise, we should stop bragging about ourselves as gods by unleashing bias, judgments and accusations.

I’ve already addressed this speech to American people, but it’s also addressed to all peoples globally who are really looking for peace and protecting mutual interests.

Transcendentalism is purely racism, otherwise, what would make you think that other cultures do not have the concepts of coexistence, justice, freedoms and human rights?

The fact that your culture differ from others does not make your standards objectively correct, and therefore we must recognize and respect cultural and normative differences.

Otherwise, the claims for peace and human rights would be absurd or simply hypocritical. Other nations have the right to adopt standards that stem from their cultural and social realities and you have no right to impose yours.

Prejudice and indiscriminate accusations do not reflect urbanization and self-respect. Not believing in what you believe in does not make others less human and cultural value than you.

What people believe to be justice is not objective because of the lack of stable and consistent standards, and because they do not represent judicial bodies with jurisdiction to hear the case.

Without stable and consistent standards of justice and without recognizing and respecting the laws that’s governing societies, we would not be different from Nazism, terrorists and extremists.

In fact, extremist individuals and groups from all countries and ideologies express themselves by disrespecting official judicial institutions. When we act like them, why should we rant to label extremism and terrorism against them?

It is ironic that someone from a state that you consider backward can easily detect hypocrisy and aggression, while you who claim to be civilized can not recognize and respect Justice and pluralism.

Supremacy over other nations can not be a good feature for civilized people. It’s only hate and racism.

Let’s do more to know each other rather than surrendering to terrorists and hate advocates. It’s our actions that determine whether we believe in peace or just a bunch of racists hypocrites who are no different from terrorists.

Turki al-Owerde is an independent Political Analyst and Commentator. He tweets under @Turki_AlOwerde.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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