Iran’s Crown Prince warns: Iranians will revolt to stop the Mullah regime from War


Washington — Reza Pahlavi the exiled Crown Prince of Iran said that the Mullah regime wants to start war to maintain power and wealth which can provoke Iranians to revolt against the regime to establish a peaceful and democratic Iran.

Speaking to The National, Pahlavi exposed the Mullah regime’s shady politics of war, and he called on the armed forces to help the people stop a march to the war.

“This regime wants war, especially now that they are weakened and are cornered,” he said.

“They will use any excuse to start a war to maintain their power,” he added.

Pahlavi appealed the Iranians that, “The regime will not achieve their objective if the people of Iran stand up and refuse to participate. My compatriots in the armed forces must realise that the regime is using them, not to defend our country as a military should, but to defend the regime and its wealth and its power. Therefore, the impetus is on the people to deny the regime the support it seeks in this manufactured conflict.”

“War is the worst scenario, which is why the regime wants it,” he said.

“The regime does not care who lives or dies, they do not care if our nation and people are devastated. That is why we will remove them,” he added.

Pahlavi is based in Washington and works as an activist for democratic reform in Iran. Despite being in exile, for almost four decades, Pahlavi has been a leader and advocate of the principles of freedom, democracy and human rights for Iranians.  

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