FAITH: Types of Jinn Possession and Effects Upon Humans


The article speaks about the details of Jinn Possession, Types of Jinn Possession, and the Jinn Effects.

A total Possession: The Jinn possesses the whole body of a person, such as the one who suffers from seizures.

A partial Possession: The Jinn possesses one particular organ of the body, such as an arm, leg or tongue.

Constant Possession: The Jinn possesses the body for a long period of time.

Temporary Possession: Which lasts no more than a few minutes, like a nightmare.

Types of Possession

Regional Possession (Ta’ifa): i.e. “passing by, comes and goes (not permanent). Allah says: And if an evil suggestion comes to you from Satan, then seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, He is all Hearing and Knowing. Indeed, those who fear Allah – when an impulse touches them from Satan, they remember [Him] and at once they have insight (Surat Al-‘A`rāf 7:200; 7:201) – And I seek refuge in you, my Lord, lest they be present with me (Surat Al-Mu’minūn 23:98)

Regional possession: i.e. “passing by Is a type of possession that occurs as a seizure in ones sleep when one can’t breathe, move or speak. It happens so quick it could be just seconds or minutes, in some cases if not all, the jinn does this from outside, usually it is a flying type jinn.

Projectory Possession (Aarid): A true type of possession that is passing by which take possession of a person for a specific time for hours during the day or night then leaves the body and comes back the next day, week, month, year or perhaps leaves the body and does not come back at all. May Allah keep them out. From research some patient feel the departure of the jinn leaving the body in the form of a sensation resembling that of a sudden shaking or shiver of one of the legs, or a strong air leaving through the mouth….etc., especially when the jinn knows that he/she will be recited on, he/she leave the body.

Accompanying Possession (Ikthiraan): Is a true type of possession that the jinn permanently takes possession of one part of the body such as the leg, womb, spine or it can take possession of the whole body, day and night when asleep or awake, it becomes as if it is a part of the body.

External Possession (Khariji): External possession is a type of possession where the jinn accompanies the person full time or part time. It is mentioned in a Hadith in Sahih Muslim narrated by Huthayfah, that when they sat down with the prophet ( ﷺ ) to eat they would wait until the prophet started, a young girl was approaching the food as if she was getting pushed from an unknown force, as she reached out for the food the prophet ( ﷺ ) grabbed her hand, the same happened to a Bedouin Arab, he reached his hand to grab the food, the prophet ( ﷺ ) grabbed his hand too. The prophet ( ﷺ ) said that the Shaytan make lawful for themselves food that has not been mentioned the name of Allah. The jinn has the ability to take form of a human being or animal, that can have a physical touch on a person, or he can sit on a person’s back, causing heaviness, tightness of the chest, whispering, anger, or comes to a person when he is asleep and presses on a point in the brain to cause seizure. The shaytan can take form of an insect or animal and moves around the person’s body and clothing, causing scratches, bruises or blows in his face to frighten the person so that he/she can’t go to sleep, the jinn can take form of a beautiful woman/man to have sexual relationships with.

Transitus Possession (Mu’tadi): This type of possession is where more than one person is afflicted simultaneously by a single jinn mostly from the same relation of the one who is suffering. For one reason or another this is why it is called transitus (Meaning: to pass over or cross through). It could be one or more jinn that can be accompanied with a group (family, gang, clan, slaves or prisoners) in this possession. It could be an external attack, that’s why a person can go to a Raaqi but to no affect, because the jinn is in the wife/ husband / mother / friend ect….

Imaginary Possession (Wahmi): “This type is of delusion is the most dangerous and the most common”. Imaginary epilepsy is the result of mixing with those who are possessed, then starting to imagine oneself is afflicted with the same symptoms, or the healer suggests to the patient that he/she is afflicted. Perhaps this is one of the ways the shayateen take advantage from the situation by taking authority over the mind to make him think that it is a fact that he is possessed, when reading on him/her the person will fall, scream and shout as if it is a jinn. Imaginary possession is the worst type of illness. It starts of with an idea then it becomes a belief leading to actions, which is all an autosuggestion. There is no cure for this but for the opposite of the real possession, sihr and ayn witchcraft, Allah has given us the cure (Ruqya).

False pretense Some patient who go back and fourth to the Raaqi, with their own agenda and goals by coming attending the sessions when reading on them occurs they scream and shout saying I am here for such and such sihr, but really the patient is not possessed or afflicted in anyway by any member the world of the unseen. This is a very dangerous situation for the person who’s acting and lying, the jinn may see this as a mockery to their world, it is possible they will attack and cause harm. All of this is to seek attention from others, or to have an excuse for their bad actions.

Jinn Presence and Departure

Just as there are many different types of people, there are many types of jinn. Most people think when one is possessed by a jinni he/she must behave in a certain way; this is wrong and is a bad understanding of the reality of demonology. The influence of jinn on humans can be divided into a number of categories:

Presence of Waswasah: (suggestions/whispering) It is an overpowering form of possession which is tiring and stressful for the patient, making them cry, laugh and become angry without any real explanation. This type of presence of the jinn could last for hours, days or for the whole lifespan of the patient causing anxiety, stress, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is very stressful for both the patient and their family.

Influence on the brain of the patient: The jinni uses the brain to control the human senses, nervous system, muscles, and does not suffer too much from carrying the body of the patient. This may last for a few minutes, days or perhaps most of the person life. An example of this type of possession is ‘madness’.

Influence on the mind of the patient (without possession): This type of possession is the same as the previous one (influence on the brain of the patient), but without possessing the body or the nervous system.

Influence on the patient’s body: The jinni takes possession of one part of the patient’s body causing back pain, headache and may lead to loss of hearing or eyesight. This occurs whilst the patient is fully awake and may last for several days as the jinni can take possession of just one area of the body; as in the case of paralysis of the legs caused by jinn possession. It is more apparent when the person is receiving ruqyah or following a Ruqya program.

The dual presence: In this type of case, if you wish to speak to the patient or to the jinni you can do so. It is a very confusing experience for the Raqi, even more confusing for family members who do not believe or are in denial of jinn possession.

Full presence: This type of possession is when a jinni takes full control of the person from head to toe.

The Jinn Effects

SPIRITUAL – The Jinn effect a person spiritually. Their ultimate goal is to take a person away from Allah and outside of Islam. They achieve this through making a person lazy to perform salah, until they leave it. Difficult to recite Qur’an, until they stop it. Unmotivated to study Islam, until they abandon it. Slowly taking a toll on the person’s eeman (faith), until they destroy it.

PSYCHOLOGICAL – The Jinn effect a person psychologically. Whether it is for revenge, sent through Magic or out of love, their objective is to fulfill their task and desires. They achieve this through getting to the person’s heart and into their minds. Through waswaas they can cause severe mood swings leading to depression, anxiety, anger as well as extreme lust and lewd behavior. This taking a toll on the person’s life until it is destroyed.

PHYSICAL – The Jinn effect a person physically just as they effect psychologically. Being afflicted in the heart and mind has a direct effect on the physical state and health of a person. Jinn can cause medical illnesses, unexplained pains and bruises as well as sexual abuse by possessing and living inside of a person. This taking a toll on the person’s overall well being and health until it is destroyed.

Source of Information: Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taimiyya’s “Eedawh ad-Dalaalah fee ‘Umoom ar-Risaalah” in vol 19. of Majmoo’ul Fataawaa.

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