Iraqi Diplomats beaten and arrested in Iran, Iraq suspends Consulate services

Mashhad — Iraqi Government has suspended the consulate services in Iran’s Mashhad city on Tuesday after two Iraqi diplomats were severely beaten and arrested on Saturday.

Iraqi Consulate General in Mashhad gave a written statement that two diplomats were arrested after being placed under observation by the Iranian security forces.

“It was decided to suspend operations at the Iraqi consulate in Mashhad after two Iraqi employees were beaten,” Spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ahmad al-Sahaf told Sky News TV channel, as reported by Iraqi Newsportal.

“Baghdad is awaiting an Iranian explanation on the incident,” Sahaf added.

Currently, heavy protests are going on the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad where anti-government protestors are burning Iranian flags.

According to official sources, two people have been killed and more than 200 are injured.