Egyptian “Hamas agent” disguises as a Saudi national to sinisterly create rifts between Palestinians and Saudis


Jerusalem — A video of a Saudi-national getting insulted in Palestine’s Al-Aqsa Mosque went viral on social media, which happened to be a social experiment conducted by an Egyptian activist alleged to be a “Hamas agent” to sinisterly create rifts between Palestinians and Saudis.

A blogger named Mohammed Saud, whose family lineage and identity is dubious, pretends to be a Saudi national with the classical Saudi attire—the Thobe, Ghotra, Igal and Bisht. He often makes videos making social experiment at Muslim dominated places to relay the reactions of the people toward Saudis.

Soon after the video went viral on the social media, Saudi activists and bloggers questioned his identity and his family lineage—which is a fundamental point to recognize a person’s real identity in the Arab regions.

According to a Saudi activist, Dr Yousef Zahrani, the same person conducted similar kind of social experiment in Turkey as well.

Most of the Saudi activists concluded that the person in the video who cannot be a Saudi national, since Saudi Arabia doesn’t recognize Israel as a state for it’s illegal occupation of Palestine, and no Saudi citizen is permitted to visit Israel carrying a Saudi passport. Similar case is with Pakistan as well.

The sham-Saudi person in the video would perhaps hold dual-nationality and entered into the unrecognized territory with his non-Saudi passport, Saudi activists claimed.

They said that Saudi Arabia has always stood with the Palestinian cause and Palestinian sovereignty, and this is a deliberate attempt by organizations like Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to undermine the Saudi-Palestine relations and to create rifts between the two Muslim brotherly countries.

In a CBS 60 interview in March 2018, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was asked about recognizing Israel, upon which he replied that, Saudi Arabia will have no problem in recognizing Israel unless East Jerusalem is declared as Palestine’s capital, and the refugee issue is sorted out.

The late King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulazeez Al-e-Saud presented 2002 Arab Peace Initiative to permanently fix the Palestine-Israel conflict, however, the Peace Initiative has been neglected by both Hamas and Israel.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest providers of aid to the Palestinian people. Saudi Arabia has donated more than $480 million since 2002 as a monetary support to the Palestinian Authority, and has supported Palestinian refugees by contributing to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

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