OPINION: Responding Rishi Nair’s divisive writings


by Advocate Abdulhameed Padubidri

This is purely communal political hatred campaign, as usual, being used by RSS-minded people in the context of the coming Lok-Sabha Election-2019. It’s far remote from the truth what they (RSS) believed to be fact. They don’t know even the basic facts that led to winning of Muslim candidates in the constituencies they mention.

In fact, Muslims in India always uphold the secular fabrics enshrined in the Indian Constitution. It’s also true that they maintain the same spirit while voting too. They don’t care about party and candidate, whether he/she is a Muslim or non-Muslim.

But they only care about the secular adherence of candidate and stability of party in their constituencies as well as state or national legislature.

The below few examples will give some correct picture as against their communal hatred campaign:

They mentioned asking ”name one Assembly with over 65% Muslim and Christian population, which elected a Hindu as its MLA or MP?” And they listed the Muslim MPs mentioning some of their MP constituencies.

Some of the constituencies they mentioned are: Barpeta-Assam, Dhubri-Assam, Araria-Bihar, Kathihar-Bihar, Srinagar-JK, Anantnag-JK, Malappuram-Kerala, Murshidabad-(WB), Basirhat-(WB)  and some more.

There are other constituencies also in the above list. But, the fact is that they didn’t elect them because they were Muslims, but they elected them because of the stability.

For example, Asaduddin Owaisi was elected in Hyderabad not only because he’s Muslim, but also his adherence to secular fabrics and stability of his party in his constituency. There were around seven Muslim candidates in the same constituency including those of recognized parties. But they rejected them all and elected Owaisi. Why? Because the reason is very clear that his party is stable and is adherent to constitutional esteem in the constituency.

Further, why Mohammed Asrarul Haque from Congress got elected in Kishanganj of Bihar? Because of peace, his party’s stability and adherence  I mentioned above. If that is the case, there were JDU, AAP, BSP, RJD, LJP, IUML in which all candidates were Muslims (except BJP and few independent candidates). Why they didn’t elect a Muslim candidate of any of these parties? why Mohammed Asrarul Haque? The reason is here also clear.

Now let us see the scenario in Anantnag-Jammu and Kashmir, where PDP candidate Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed was elected. Very interesting here is that even BJP candidate was also a Muslim along with all parties candidates like JKNC, JKNPP, BSP, AAP, SP, All INDIA Forward bloc, All J&K Republic Party, Ambedkar Samajavady Party etc..Why only the candidate of PDP, which was a partner party in PDP-BJP-led government in J&K? Why not any other candidate of any of other party? Rishi Nair need to answer this.

Suppose, if BJP candidate was elected here, who happens to be a Muslim. Does he become Hindu being elected as BJP candidate? No, he remains as Muslim. Then what is the viewpoint of Rishi Nair here? Will your perception change if any BJP Muslim wins in the place of a Hindu candidate? We need answer.

So is the case of Srinagar-JK, where all the candidates from different political parties including BJP were Muslims. What RSS has to say in this regard?

Dhubri Assam constituency is of almost the same scenario with few exceptions. Badruddin Ajmal won the election from his party-AIUDF. There was congress candidate Wazed Ali Choudhary including AGP, All India TrinaMoola Congress, AAP, SP, IUML & other independent Muslim candidates. Why no other party including Congress got elected; why only AIUDF’s Ajmal got elected? Because the voters didn’t see the parties or candidates rather they cared about stability and adherence.

One more false claim in this (RSS) writing, is that there are many constituencies where Muslims in majority elects non-Muslim or Hindu candidate for their good adherence to peace, secularism and stability of their party in their constituencies.

Having said all these, it’s just nothing but communal politics being played by RSS and its ideologues. They have divisive political tactics by polarizing the voters based on religion and castes to win the election by hook or by crook. See how they try to communalize the voters for their benefits. It’s not at all good for the composite, a great secular and democratic country like India. Let us all foil their divisive politics and elect a good candidate from any party or any religion, who upholds the adherence of stability and our Constitution.

Advocate PA Hameed Padubidri is an Indian Lawyer, writer and freelance journalist from Udipi. He has worked as Legal Advisor in a Riyadh-based Saudi defense company in contracting department for the past 12 years.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect The Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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