71-year-old Afghan man smiles and greets NZ-Mosque attacker but gets bullets in his body

Wellington – The first victim of the Friday’s Christchurch terrorist attack in New Zealand was a 71-year-old Afghani refugee Daoud Nabi who greeted the terrorist with the warm Islamic style of “smiling and welcoming”, but he received dozens of bullets in his body.

He was the first person standing at the gates of the Al-Noor Mosque greeting the terrorist Brenton Tarrant, no sooner Nabi smiled and greeted the terrorist, he shot him down badly with a dozens of bullets in his feeble body.

Nabi was a refugee who escaped death in his country but he had to meet his fate in a coldblooded murder in New Zealand.

The Christchurch terrorist attack has shaken up the entire Muslim world drawing condemnations from the world leaders, while the Islamophobic-driven terrorist attack has taken lives of 49 innocent Muslims and over 40 are critically injured including a little girl of a Jordanian barber.