Saudi Ministry of Commerce reviews expat levy fees

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Riyadh – Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Commerce said on Monday that the ministry has studied the impacts and effects of expat levy fees, and the report will soon be submitted to the Saudi Council of Ministers.

Majid al-Kassabi told Rotana Khalijiyya in an interview that the council will study the advantages and disadvantages of the levy fees, and come out with a final announcement within a month.

However, he didn’t exclusively mention if the fees will remain the same or will be reduced.

“The government had decided to keep the fees and that the decision is fixed so far, but at the same time it will be comprehensively studied and developments will be reviewed,” he said.

He hinted that the study to review the fees will benefit the nation.

The expat labor levy fees started in July 2017 to encourage companies and firms to hire more Saudi employees than expatriates. However, private sectors have requested to postpone the fee increment.