Mob attack Christian Worshipers with Swords and Iron-rods in Kolhapur, Twelve injured badly

Maharastra – A Sunday mass of Christian worshipers was attacked by a mob of 12 men with swords, iron rods, and glass bottles in Maharastra’s Kolhapur district on Tuesday, over 12 people injured.

“A mob of 10-12 men attacked Sunday prayer mass being held at the premises of a local resident Bhimsen Chauhan in Kolhapur,” said Anil Kadam, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Kolhapur.

“A group of 10-12 men armed with swords, iron rods and glass bottles reached the residence on motorcycles and attacked the congregation,” he said to ANI.

Initially, they threw stones at the congregation and wanted to barge into the houses. However, a group of praying women forced the mob out by throwing chilli powder at them.

The mutual skirmishes resulted in the injury of over 12 people.

Investigation teams have been sent to Belgaum – Karnataka to identify the miscreants behind the attack and to conclude the reason behind the attack.

While no arrests have been made till date.