Ugandan Man buried with 6 Million Shilling to bribe God

In a bizarre incident in Uganda, a civil servant directed in his will to bury him with a cash of Sh 6 million to bribe God to forgive his sins.

Deceased 52-year-old Charles Obong – Senior Personnel Officer at the Ministry of Public Service – told his wife to deposit huge amount of money in his metallic coffin, reported Uganda’s Daily Monitor News portal.

According to his son-in-law, he would use the money to bribe God on the judgement day to forgive his sins.

He also asked his siblings to ensure if his wife carries out the will honestly.

He was buried in his ancestral home in the northern Lira district of Uganda and his metallic coffin was worth Sh 500,000.

However, his will was later violated, when his clan members unearthed his body and took away the cash.