Two School Boys in Telangana self-immolate after finding their love for common girlfriend

Telangana – In a movie-style suicide two tenth-standard boys commited suicide by setting themselves ablaze on Sunday evening after knowing they loved the same girlfriend.

Both the boys were 16 years old and went to private school in Jagitial, about 200 km north of Hyderabad.

According to the local Police, the two boys went to a vacant place near the town’s Mission Compound area at around 7.30 pm Sunday evening, after drinking beer heavily they had doused themselves with petrol which they took along.

Bypassers who heard their screams, immediately rushed there and took them to a local area hospital, but one of the boys died on the way. The other who sustained 85% burns was shifted to Karimnagar district hospital, where he succumbed to the burns late in the night.

“Preliminary inquiries revealed that a love affair with a common girlfriend could be the reason for the incident. The family members also suspected involvement of a third person in the incident,” Jaigitial town circle police inspector Prakash said. “Further investigations will throw more light on the actual reasons for the deaths.”