Grade-Two student allegedly sodomised by School Principal in Hyderabad

Hyderabad – An eight-years-old student of St. Adam’s High School of Golden Heights Colony Rajendernagar Hyderabad, was allegedly sodomised by school’s principal.

It came to light on Thursday, after the boy’s family and relatives protested against the Principal and the school management. 
Victim’s mother complained that he was allegedly lured with biscuits by the Principal and was taken into the restroom and sodomised. 

While addressing the media she held her tears to explain how her son complained about the repeated pain like that of piercing of a screw-driver in his anus.

Last week, MIM chief Owaisi demanded Education ministry to cancel school recognition if they fail to protect the students. 

Later he distributed pepper-spray to the students to protect them against devils who want to destroy their lives.