Mayawati requests that the BJP implement reservations for Muslims and address the hiring shortage


New Delhi – Friday, BSP President Mayawati renewed her call for Muslim reservation to state BJP governments, taking her cue from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bhopal speech in which he claimed that 80% of Indian Muslims were from lower socioeconomic groups.

The head of the Bahujan Samaj Party urged the BJP to “honestly” implement reservation and eliminate the backlog in a tweet.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepting the bitter reality that supports the need for reservation for Muslims” when he spoke aloud during a BJP event in Bhopal that 80% of Muslims in India are “Pasmanda, backwards, and exploited”

She argued that in addition to abandoning its opposition to reservations, the BJP should “honestly implement reservations and fill the backlog in recruitment to prove that they are different from other parties.” On June 27, while advocating for a Uniform Civil Code, Modi stated that Pasmanda Muslims were never treated equally because to vote-bank politics.

Muslims refer to lower social classes as “pasmanda.”

“They received no benefit. Their rights are not equal. They are seen as invulnerable, he claimed.

According to Modi, the appeasement policy in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and several other states in south India, including Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, has left many castes behind in terms of development.

According to Modi, the BJP would not engage in vote-bank tactics and appeasement. Additionally, he claimed that the opposition was provoking the Muslim community by bringing up the UCC issue.

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