Cabinet: Saudi Arabia pledges to reestablish peace in Sudan

Riyadh – Saudi Cabinet reaffirmed the Kingdom’s resolve to continuing its efforts until security and peace in Sudan and its people were restored, according to Saudi Press Agency.

At discussions mediated by Saudi Arabia and the United States in Jeddah, the warring parties in Sudan agreed to uphold humanitarian law and maintain open channels for opportunity to find a long-term resolution to the crisis, which has been raging for more than a month.

The ministers extended a warm welcome to the heads of Arab League nations who will be attending the 32nd summit on Friday in the Kingdom.

The Cabinet discussed the outcomes of the annual meetings of the Islamic Development Bank Group, which were held in Jeddah, and emphasised the Kingdom’s role in the launch of numerous regional and global initiatives meant to support economic recovery and address development challenges.

Ministers also lauded the success of anti-narcotics initiatives that have prevented recent criminal networks’ attempts to smuggle drugs.

Separately, the government authorised the application for health insurance for domestic workers employing more than four people, subject to rules that would be established by a commission appointed by the Council of Health Insurance.