Chief of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition receives Azeri envoy

Riyadh — Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi, the secretary-general of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, welcomed Shahin bin Shaker Abdullayev, the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Saudi Arabia, and a delegation at the coalition’s Riyadh headquarters.

They addressed subjects of shared interest during the meeting. Abdullayev was also given an update on the coalition’s efforts to combat finance, as well as terrorism on the political, media, and military levels.

The coalition’s monitoring and surveillance systems in this regard were also discussed with the Azeri delegation, along with the coalition’s role in coordinating the activities of its members and the most recent information and updates regarding terrorist organisations and events throughout the world.

Abdullayev applauded the coalition’s efforts in eradicating the scourge of terrorism in collaboration with global alliances and organisations fighting terrorism and violent extremism.

He highlighted Saudi Arabia’s crucial contribution to the coalition’s success and its dedication to uprooting the causes of terrorism and criminal organisations.

Al-Moghedi, meantime, emphasised Azerbaijan’s strategic significance on the global arena and its active participation in counterterrorism.

In order to fight terrorism, he emphasised the coalition’s aim to include Azerbaijan as a member state.