Food baskets totaling 48 tonnes were distributed in Bangladesh

Dhaka – As part of the Feeding Basket Project 2023, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre recently donated 48 tonnes of food baskets to needy households in Bangladesh, helping 24,000 people.
In addition, 960 shelter bags were delivered to 5,178 persons in the country who had been impacted by floods. The centre also provided 240 people in Albania with three tonnes of food baskets.
To promote food security, ease the suffering of those in need, and meet their basic food needs, the project seeks to distribute 2,000 food baskets across 34 Albanian districts.

The centre recently helped 3,100 people in Niger by distributing 30 tonnes and 800 kilogrammes of food baskets to those in need.
In order to attain food security, this distribution intends to give out 5,145 food baskets in Niger.
The centre also sent out food parcels in Niger throughout Ramadan. In Niger, more than 29 tonnes of food aid were dispersed.