The Muslim World League launches a food basket programme in Pakistan

Riyadh – Muslim World League has started a programme to distribute Ramadan food baskets in Pakistan, as part of its humanitarian efforts and to supplement the work of Saudi aid organisations around the world.

Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Malki, the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan, and Dr. Jamal Nasir, the acting minister of health for Pakistan’s Punjab province, joined a number of other officials for a celebration of the occasion at the MWL office in Islamabad.

Regional director for the MWL in Pakistan, Saad bin Masoud Al-Harthy, stated that the programme would provide 3,500 food baskets, each weighing 33 kg and providing a household with food for one month.

Al-Harthy continued by saying that the programme was a component of the humanitarian work the MWL does across Pakistan to address the needs of the populace.

He claimed that many of the nation’s widows and disadvantaged will benefit from the programme.

Nasir thanked King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on behalf of the Pakistani government and people. He also expressed gratitude to the MWL for supporting Pakistan.

In the meantime, Pakistan has received 100 tonnes of dates as a gift from Saudi Arabia through the King Salman Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Center. In front of a number of prominent Pakistani officials, Al-Malki delivered it.

The present is part of the relief and humanitarian initiatives that King Salman’s government is putting forth to assist families in need all around the world.