US congresswoman Ilhan Omar to visit Pakistan

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Lahore – The radical-left US congresswoman Ilhan Omar will be visiting Pakistan on Tuesday to meet senior officials and also to visit Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, according to reports.

WIONews Journalist Anas Mallik tweeted, “US Congresswoman Ilhan to arrive in Islamabad tomorrow, she will be visiting Lahore and Azad Kashmir as well and will meet country’s senior leadership”.

Meanwhile, India will be closely monitoring her trip, according to WLVN analysis.

Various reports suggest that Pakistan has been funding a lobbying group in United States, which is in touch with Somali-American organizations to promote Pakistan’s Kashmir agenda in US political circles.

In April, Ilhan accused India of pursuing an anti-Muslim policy, while pushing the Biden Administration to criticize the Modi government.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman refuted Ilhan’s allegations. However, she did not appear to be satisfied with the answers.

Ilhan has been critical of Indian administration for the past few months, while political analysts have attributed her cynical approach to the Pakistan funded lobbying group.