No fears of food supplies in Saudi Arabia amidst Russia-Ukraine conflict

Riyadh — No fears of food supplies in Saudi Arabia in the midst of Russia-Ukraine conflict, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture confirmed on Saturday.

The Minister Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli said, “Local stocks of basic food commodities, which include wheat, rice, sugar, vegetable oils and barely, are at safe levels and there are no fears of any shortage”.

Minister pointed out that the supply chains of agricultural, animal and food commodities are safe, reliable and continuous in light of the volume of local production of many basic commodities and the achievement of high sufficiency rates for many of them.

Al-Fadhli told that the Food Abundance Committee, is holding meetings continuously during this period to monitor the abundance of food commodities in the local Saudi market, and it’s also following up on global and local supply chains.

He recalled the unprecedented efforts of Saudi Arabia during the COVID-19 pandemic whose supply and demand was more critical than the current situation.

He thanked Kingdom’s wise leadership for standing firm through the think and thin situations.