FAKE: Nude Public Beaches and Parties in Saudi Arabia


A thorough analysis of the video failed to answer fundamental human reasoning.

A fake news went viral this week which claimed that Saudi Arabia has opened nude public beaches in Jeddah where men and women can go naked and party together without revering the Arab culture. Pictures and footages of Spain’s resorts were manipulated to push a malicious propaganda.

German-based DW Arabic circulated a video claiming that a nude beach party was held in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) of Jeddah. The video went viral on the social media platforms, and a wholesale anti-Saudi propaganda was reactivated to carry out a smearing campaign against the Kingdom and the Saudi rulers.

A thorough analysis of the video failed to answer fundamental human reasoning.

There are no official records of the claim that Saudi Arabia has loosened its Arab identity and cultural dress code, to allow semi-naked clothings and nude beach parties at public places.

In case, an argument can be raised, that it was a private beach. But, even the private beaches are often monitored and controlled through regulations and code of conduct.

In fact, the DW’s video is of a resort in Spain, and the yellow and green floating castles are customized for public and individual bookings on the website of Ocean SeaPark Resorts Islantilla, Spain and Costa de la Luz Beaches, Spain. All celebrations, birthdays and bachelor parties can be hosted.

Further, DW video failed to give the name of the beach of KAEC where this nude party was held.

One has to understand that KAEC and Jeddah are two separate cities. KAEC is in Rabigh which is 130 kms away from Jeddah. Moreover, KAEC Yam Beach, Beach Walk and Lagoona Adventures are for the families only, while “single males” are permitted on non-family days. The schedule is clearly stated on their website.

Some of the rules are:

  • Entries shall be dedicated to families only during Fridays – no single males allowed.
  • Female swimwear should not be revealing, obscene nor figurative.
  • Swimming costumes should not be worn outside of the beach area.
  • Photography NOT permitted inside the Yam beach.

Technically speaking, Saudi Arabia cannot be held responsible for the defiant and unruly individuals who refuse to obey law of the land. These individuals cause anguish to the conservative nationals and become a source of defamation to the Kingdom.

Saudi authorities have made it clear that contumacious conduct of individuals shall not be tolerated, and they shall be liable to the fine and penalty.

You’ll be compelled to appreciate that there are clothing regulations of the Grand Prix F1 to be held in the Kingdom. The teams have been given extensive clothing regulations, as per the reports by Motorsport.com.

These rules apply to everyone who travels to Saudi Arabia, not just F1 personnel. Check GPBLOG.

A certain segments of the Western Liberals, Turkish and Qatari media, publish lurid features, and sensationalized news stories against Saudi Arabia to attract the readers and increase their circulation amongst the already misguided naive readers.

It is the duty upon every individual to shun and condemn all the false conjectures, exaggerations and rumors against the Kingdom.

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