INSPIRING: What are the tactics for Success?


by Sajid Holy

Some people look for jobs, while some jobs search for talent. 

How to Become Rich?

Some people who are extremely rich like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Elon Musk or Ambanis, etc. who are uniquely talented without doubt. Apart from being lucky, they are geniuses, and they built corporations that will be studied in textbooks 100 years from now.

But that doesn’t mean that if I compare you to them, you are just an average person. Even your genius, and you are counted every now and then. Even if you didn’t enjoy a very high standard of education, even if do not come from pretty wealthy families, even if you do not have exceptional leadership skills, even if you didn’t win any lottery, even if you didn’t receive business awards and recognitions. Yet there are chances—that you can conquer. 

You have to think out of the box, and to do so, first, you need to know, what actually the box is! Hard work and honesty is the key. Striving to learn new things and doing something out of your comfort zone is a must! 

When you do not understand how money works, every rich person may feel like a magic wand, but Rome was not built in a day!

How to Bag a Lucrative Career?

For you, it is a job hunt. For companies, it’s a talent hunt. Not always and not everybody has to work on the ground of negotiations and compromise. Some people look for jobs, while some jobs search for talent. 

If you have a proven record of relevant experience, if you served the industry with a strong presence and fair contribution, if you have a real-time portfolio to be showcased, you need not worry and hurry. 

Keeping yourself available for the career, opportunities, position and perks you deserve is also an asset. 

Maybe, your employer is searching for the right candidate more desperately. 

Understand your value and potential, don’t underestimate your skills, and be confident but not overconfident!

How to Achieve Leadership Skills?

Your decisions should not be always necessarily based on making everyone around you happy or comfortable. You should learn to say “No” at times. Otherwise it may result in you being surrounded by rude, selfish, and unforgiving people who, instead of appreciating that you’ve put their needs first, they treat you like a doormat.

If you go along with something you don’t agree with just to keep everyone happy, you’re setting yourself for future frustration. 

Helping others out of genuine care goes a long way in establishing trust and building better relationships at work. But being always ready to help others at the cost of your own time and health, pushing your commitments aside to make time for others and never learning to say no may have serious consequences.

How to develop your Online Business?

How do I get 1000 views per day on my site? How can I get 1k likes on my Facebook post? How I can get 5k followers on my Twitter handle? How I can get 2k subscribers to my youtube channel? How I can get 3k likes on my Facebook page? How I can get 1k Instagram followers in 1 month? How I can get 10k positive reviews on Google/Facebook?

There are many reasons why brands, businesses and influencers wanted to purchase their “following”. A few years ago it was common practice, especially if you wanted to look “established” online. E-commerce companies did it to appear more reputable and trustworthy in the eyes of their consumers by growing their following. But it is really NOT a good practice and it’s not okay to deceive people by “bots” or “ghost” followers.

Honesty is always the best policy. Your fake followers do nothing but hurt your reputation rather than help it. 

How to achieve happiness? 

Stop blaming your problems and failures—big or small—on the people around you. Stop using “circumstances beyond my control” as the scapegoat for your own choices, decisions, behaviors, and actions. Be accountable for yourself. When you practice something—anything—you improve, you grow, you advance, and you gain skills and heaps of confidence in the process. Give yourself time in your life to wonder what’s possible and to make even the slightest moves in that direction. No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slow you progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

Sajid Holy is a motivational writer. He tweets under @SajidHoly.

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