Traveler’s Guide to Packing Shoes


Minimizing your load is key and that is best done by carefully selecting ultra versatile shoes…

You’ve booked your flight, planned your itinerary and all that’s left to do is pack. What shoes do you bring? If you’re doing many different kinds of activities, from hiking to going to the beach  you might think you’ll need a bunch of different shoes. While it would be nice to have 10 pairs of shoes on your trip, unfortunately, shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space in your suitcase

Minimizing your load is key and that is best done by carefully selecting ultra versatile shoes that can go from day to night without ever being uncomfortable. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to pack three pairs of shoes or less. The rest you can leave at home! Here are the most commonly packed types of shoes and when you might need each.

Lightweight Sandals

If your destination is tropical, you will need a pair of sandals. Depending on what your activities are, you can either opt for a simple pair of flip-flops or a pair of men’s or women’s supportive sandals. Flip-flops offer no support, so they should be strictly for the beach. If you are going to be walking around at all or going out to dinner, a nicer pair of sandals with arch support are preferable. Luckily, both types of sandals are lightweight and can easily be packed so choose the ones that you think you’ll use more.

Versatile Walking Shoes

No matter where you’re headed, it helps to have at least one solid pair of walking/hiking shoes. If you are sightseeing in a city, you’ll want a pair of womens or mens comfortable sneakers that will protect your feet and reduce the strain of walking on pavement. For more intensive hiking excursions, you should probably invest in a pair of hiking shoes. The beauty of either choice is that you can wear them almost anywhere you go. This is the pair of shoes that you should wear while you are traveling as they will likely be the heaviest and bulkiest shoes you are bringing. Save space in your suitcase by wearing them. 

Dress Up or Down Nice Shoes

If you are planning a hiking holiday, you can forget packing dress shoes as you won’t need them! However, for a lot of other trips you never know when you might get invited to something where you will need a nice outfit and shoes to go with it. Our tip here is to pack dress shoes that can also function as walking shoes or sandals that can be dressed up if need be. A pair of supportive clogs or flats, for example can be worn multiple ways.

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