Saudi Arabia condemns Prophet cartoons, says no link between Islam and Terrorism

Riyadh – Saudi government has condemned all types of cartoons that offend Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, which hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims worldwide, and it has also rejected any attempt to link Islam with terrorism.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry as stating, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rejects any attempts to link Islam with terrorism and condemns the offensive cartoons of the Prophet of Guidance and the Messenger of Peace Mohammed bin Abdullah, may God bless him and grant him peace, or any of the messengers, peace be upon them”.

“Saudi Arabia condemns all terrorist attacks and rejects all practices and actions that lead to hatred and violence”, the source said.

Kingdom’s stance has come out amidst the growing anger worldwide over French President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial statements about Prophet Mohammed’s caricatures.

A French teacher was beheaded last week by an Islamist after he had shown the cartoons of the Prophet during a class on free speech.

Meanwhile, Saudi social media users on Sunday have called for a boycott of French products. They argue that free speech does not mean to hurt the sentiments of people and incite hatred. They term such free-speech as hate-speech when it does not care the sensitivity of millions of people.

However, the foreign ministry source has not called to boycott the products.