Secret societies and the esoteric sects in the name of Islam


by Tareq bin Mohammed

Since the Brotherhood emerged from Sufi thought, so finding a kinetic match between them and Freemasonry is not surprising…

I would like to write an introduction to summarize the sequence of the emergence of some of the most dangerous sects in Islam. In order to conclude the answer to a question that is still pending, which is the similarity of the mechanism of secret organizations.

Initially, All the heavenly messages sent by God through His messengers had only one purpose, namely, confess the oneness of Allah i.e. God and worship Him alone. All the heavenly religions (not just Islam) brought in by the prophets (those of determination), emerged after their death the stray esoteric sects.

Consequently, secret groups emerged from these sects that serve and implement their worldly agenda under the ambiguous concept of Secularism, such as politics, economics, and the formation and direction of public opinion.

Islamic history witnessed the birth of the first of these misguided sects in the first century of Islam, where a sect called the Kharijites [those who label everyone with disbelief, without exception] emerged, and despite the danger of the Kharijites, it didn’t equal the danger of Jahmi, Fatalism and Postponers [Murjites], the first esoteric theology sects in Islam. Then, in the late Umayyad era, the Mu’tazila sect emerged and flourished in the Abbasid era, the most astray sect in Islamic history.

Since then, the rise of the esoteric sects has continued until the heretic Ibn Arabi came with his heretical and astray ideas to emerge into the Islamic world the most dangerous of the esoteric sects, Sufism. The wisdom of God, Glorified and Exalted Be He, required that His messages be with characteristics appropriate to the people who received them.

The message of Moses was accompanied by materialist miracles, while Jesus, came with spiritual miracles, as for Prophet Mohammed, his miracle was mental. If the characteristics of these celestial messages are analyzed, it will not be difficult to deduce how these clandestine groups arose and how their interests converge with each other, despite the apparent difference in understanding their meanings (celestial messages) that produced their religious difference.

When Materialism, Spiritualism and Rationalism are combined, the result is a terrible combination of astray that is employed and directed to all peoples, even if they do not share the same belief. The origin that called them to establish what is known as secret congregations is not religion, but the exploitation of it to control peoples and pass their worldly goals.

No matter how many names have been made through the ages, such as the Templars, Freemasonry, Jesus’ Secret Scrolls…etc, but the ongoing truth is that they are secret organizations whose ultimate goal is to monopolize authority.

At that point, we will extract the answer to the question that has always been of concern to many people: How is the mechanism for the international regulation of the Muslim Brotherhood similar to Freemasonry and other clandestine regulations?

We must conclude from what was written above that the esoteric groups have similar features, behaviors, and formations. And since the Muslim Brotherhood emerged from Sufi thought, so finding a kinetic match between them and Freemasonry is not surprising.

All of them constitute what are described as functional groups. The most prominent feature of these functional secret groups is: Convince the followers of their sanctity and that they are an elite carefully chosen to serve lofty ends.

And the truth is, there are no lofty ends except in the minds of those fools who have been tricked.

Tareq bin Mohammed is a Political Scientist based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has Master’s Degree in Political Philosophy. He tweets under @Ctrl6.

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