Iran says UAE-Israel deal is dangerous and illegitimate

Dubai (Reuters) – Iran said the deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates on normalising relations is “dangerous and illegitimate”, the state news agency IRNA quoted a Foreign Ministry statement as saying on Friday.

“The shameful measure of Abu Dhabi to reach an agreement with the fake Zionist regime (Israel) is a dangerous move and the UAE and other states that backed it will be responsible for its consequences,” the statement added.

“This is stabbing the Palestinians in the back and will strengthen the regional unity against the Zionist regime.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif denounced the UAE-Israel accord as “theatre” concocted by the United States.

“They (U.S.) think that by fabricating the theatre like the one that happened yesterday unfortunately, that they can determine the fate of Palestine,” Zarif said in televised remarks during a visit to Lebanon.

“The current U.S. administration has proven that it is not capable of understanding the political realities in our region.”