Is Flutter Framework the next big thing that will replace Java in Android Applications?


by Monish Sinthala

Unlike Java, the Flutter can easily develop applications in various platforms like android and iOS in a faster and hassle-free way…

Mobile applications nowadays can be widely developed using more than one framework; the market for mobile apps is changing rapidly, and so are the mobile development companies.

The most famous framework is Flutter; it is an open-source created by Google and used to develop mobile applications in cross-platforms. The flutter framework is very convenient to use for the developers because it reduces the requirement of the coding and helps to build a smooth-running application.

What does Flutter do?

The Flutter is an open framework that is used to develop high-performance and high-fidelity applications without the use of much coding. The applications can be developed for any sector such as healthcare, service sector and e-commerce, but the common thing among all the applications is good user experience. Flutter ultimately makes the whole development process much more comfortable and cost-effective.

Why Use Flutter?

Flutter is very popular among the app developers and even considered to replace Java shortly, and there are several reasons why this could be possible.


Time is everything in this fast phased industry, for developers it usually takes about three months to come up with the first coding for the native but with the help of Flutter it takes really less time to develop the whole project itself when compared to the conventional methods.

Multiple Platforms

Unlike Java, the Flutter can easily develop applications in various platforms like android and iOS in a faster and hassle-free way as it does not require much coding. This is one of the massive advantages of why mobile app companies prefer this framework.

Flutter uses Dart

Dart is a language very similar to Java, and it is used in Flutter framework to develop mobile applications in different platforms. For instance, if you want to build an application in both android and iOS, then using Dart it is easier to shift from one platform to other than JavaScript because it saves more time and also cost-effective to work with.

Fast Performance

Many mobile app development companies prefer using Flutter because of its ability to produce high performing applications in the limited time crunch. The framework enables the developers to get connected to the development pattern; also, it allows developers to correct the flaws and mistakes in the market quickly. Overall Flutter framework ensures fewer blunders and high-performance when compared to native app development.

Is Flutter likely to replace Java?

Many industry experts believe that Flutter has the potential to replace Java in the mobile app development industry. This because Flutter can make the development process less complicated. Moreover, Flutter has many features and widgets which are not merely available in the native android app development, but also Flutter does not take away the native approach factor which makes it more attractive to the developers.

The communication speed between the mobile application and the device is much faster because Flutter uses Dart and not JavaScript Bridge. So the context switching is less because of Flutter and this one of the significant advantages on why industry professionals think Flutter is the next big thing.

The hot reloaders are one of the main things that are attracting many developers towards the Flutter, this feature enables to see any changes made in the code without any hitches and developers don’t have to wait for long to reload the changed code because it is changed within seconds. The developers can straight away concentrate on the next step without worrying about the change of coding. This feature also easily lets developers fix any errors or add any new things to the application.

Other major advantages are documentation of codes, widgets, and animation speed. These are unique to flutter framework and are difficult to find in any other platform.

At this point of time, it is uncertain whether Flutter will replace Java because there is still room for development and improvement, but it sure is the best framework available in the market which makes the mobile application development a lot easier, faster and cost-efficient.

Monish Sinthala is the owner of the prominent Android app development company in India, Pyramidion Solutions. The company has expert developers who are proficient with the latest frameworks and technologies and use it to build dynamic mobile applications.

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