Dr. Israr Ahmed: The Indo-Pak’s radical version of Syed Qutb

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by Ajmal Manzoor and Afreen Baig

Syed Qutb never offered Friday prayers, and used to say unless the Khilafah is established there is no obligation of Friday prayers.

Alot of people listen to the speeches of Dr. Israr Ahmed, however they are not aware of his understanding and methodology. It is said that in religious affairs and judgements, he explains the problems in an appreciable manner beyond emulating the established denominations. Quite right. However, his creed “Aqeedah”, political thought process and methodology contain deviancy.

Dr. Israr’s affinity with Jamat Islami is similar to that of Syed Qutb’s with Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen (Musim Brotherhood). Therefore, the moment Syed Abulala Maududi flipped from his earlier ideology to embrace and pursue democratic politics, Dr. Israr left his side to form his own separate revolutionary organization called Tanzeem Islami.

As long as Dr. Israr lived, he believed all Muslim governments to be in the hands of and manipulated by the “Taghoots” meaning false gods referring to every Muslim government who is in alliance with western countries, thereby seeking the end of those governments through revolutions.

This is why he presented as model states two countries, one Iran where Khomenei established his government through Shiite revolution – one Dr. Israr considered an Islamic revolution. Similarly, the one in Sudan where an army revolt established an Ikhwani government of Ikhwani Hassan Tarabi.

Likewise, Hassan Banna formed a revolutionary organization initially by the name of Dawah Party, but after 20 years began to participate in politics … and befooling the nation demanded to establish Shariah through parliamentary democracy.

Syed Qutb first entered Jamat but later formed a separate revolutionary organization called the Organization 65, the aim of which was to overthrow the Egyptian government through rebellion.

Afterwards, this organization carried out attacks and bombings on a large scale but to their failure, and alot of people affiliated to the organization including Syed Qutb were arrested. Syed Qutb was hanged for these very crimes of his after confessions.

He also believed there existed no Islamic government, and that all were slaves of Taghoot. This was the reason why Syed Qutb never offered Friday prayers, and used to say unless the Khilafah is established there is no obligation of Friday prayers.

This should be known that Syed Qutb and Dr. Israr are held in reverence amongst the Shittes.

On the other hand, just as Syed Qutb carried the dogma of وحدت الوجود or pantheism, so was Dr. Israr convinced of this very creed, and atheists support this creed of Ibn Arabi too.

Originally written in Urdu by Dr. Ajmal Manzoor Madani, translated by Afreen Baig.