Iranian activist writes letter to Donald Trump exposing regime’s bio-terrorism plans using Coronavirus


They do their best to spread the virus around the world to create chaos and put more pressure on the U.S.

Tehran – An Iranian activist known as Amir Aarsham on Twitter wrote a letter addressing U.S. president Donald Trump on Wednesday about how the Iranian regime is planning to export the Coronavirus, and how it’s selling international aid in the black-market by depriving its citizens. He also mentioned how the regime is pressurizing U.S. to lift the sanctions.

Following is the content of his letter.

Dear Donald Trump,

I am Iranian. I lost my grandmother to #Coronavirus & my uncle is in quarantine.

I bypassed Iran’s internet filtering to tell you that the Kleptocratic regime of #Iran purposely make it impossible for the world to help us.

We, the people of Iran are fighting an uneven battle with the deadly #Coronavirus alone.

It’s extremely disappointing that the world hasn’t realized how monstrous and evil this regime is. The corrupted Iranian officials are selling the international aid in the black market (which most of Iranians can’t afford) instead of giving them to the people.

We’re not citizens in our country, we’re hostages! Actually the psychopathic regime of Iran enjoys spreading the virus to the world. They see it as an opportunity to force the U.S. to lift the sanctions.

And to get billions of dollars to fill their pockets instead of helping the Iranian people to fight with #COVID19.

Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, keeps tweeting about lifting the sanctions & subtlety threatening the world by says: “we either win together or lose together”.

The criminal regime that killed thousands of its own people will kill millions of yours w/o hesitation.

They do their best to spread the virus around the world to create chaos and put more pressure on the U.S.

For more than a month they lied about the #ChineseVirus in Iran, they refused to stop the flights coming from China, they didn’t quarantine the infected cities, they didn’t take any effective action, & they’re still hiding the truth.

They’re purposely infecting everybody. This is bioterrorism & they should be held accountable for the lives.

The regime of Iran is a terrorist state, not a normal regime. I ask the U.S. to increase & enforce sanctions against the criminal regime of Iran and its officials for crimes against humanity.

They’re responsible for spreading the virus in Iran & around the world.


His post received over 4600 likes and 2200 Retweets.

Iran on Wednesday reported highest number of fatalities from the coronavirus as another 147 people died, raising the country’s overall death toll to 1,135. It was nearly 15% spike in deaths, amid a total of 17,361 confirmed cases in Iran.

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