Iran-backed Houthis recruit 30,000 children in Yemen’s conflict, says Yemen’s delegate to UN

Sana – Yemen’s government has accused Iran-backed Houthi militias of recruiting more than 30,000 children and pushing them into the front lines of the armed conflict.

Yemen’s delegate to the United Nations Abdullah Alsadi said that the militia violates the rights of thousands of children and uses them, with or without the knowledge of their families, the Republican Yemen reported.

“The number of children recruited by the militia is over 30000 kids who face death as their rights are being violated,” said Alsadi.

Alsadi called on the UN to establish centers in order to rehabilitate these affected children who are used in armed conflicts.

He urged the importance of coorperating with the UNICEF to implement an action plan to stop the recruitment.

Several reports say that the militias exploit a lot of needy families by providing humanitarian aid to those who agree to send their children along with the militias.

US and UK this week said that they are considering cutting aid due to Houthi fraud and obstruction of humanitarian aid.