India first country in the world for digital Hajj process: Indian President

New Delhi – Indian president Ram Nath Kovind said on Friday that India is the first country in the world where the entire Hajj process was done digitally this year, when over 2,00,000 Indian Muslims went for the holy pilgrimage.

“On the special request of my government, Saudi Arabia increased Hajj quota unprecedentedly, due to which a record 2 lakh Indian Muslims performed Hajj this time. India is the first country where the entire process of Hajj was done digitally and online,” said President Kovind, while addressing the joint session of both Houses of Parliament at the beginning of the Budget session on Friday.

Muslims from all over the world gather in Makkah Saudi Arabia every year for the Hajj Pilgrim, which is obligatory for the financially-able Muslims to perform it once in their life-time. Saudi Government holds the privilege to host over 2.5-3 million Muslims every year.