OPINION: Mohammed bin Salman has stood Strong—a response to Fred Hiatt’s WaPo Op-ed


by Turki Al-Owerde

They are jealous and frustrated and wonder why the Saudis and so many people around the world love this man?

The writer and many commentators can be described in a very appropriate way, that they are backward and barbaric as well. The fact that their ideas express wishes for failure to a young leader who has been able to defeat all their aggressive campaigns.

You can imagine that the most ferocious and aggressive campaign in recent history included states, heads of state, governments, writers, journalists, tv channels, social media, research centers, war and terrorist attacks, yet he succeeded, always calm and smiling.

The overwhelming desire of this broad spectrum to overthrow the Saudi crown prince expresses only one thing, that he’s the best ever. If these barbarians backwoods were honest in one case, they could easily overthrow him, and that made them continue to shout hysterically.

They are jealous and frustrated and wonder why the Saudis and so many people around the world love this man? why he managed to defeat us and why he smiles all the time.

They know he is a noble and sincere Muslim. Well, this is what worries them because it exposes them and exposes their political, intellectual and moral corruption. We have an Arabian proverb that says (when you place something next to the antibody, it appears as it really is).

I believe that for decades, everyone has heard about Islam all sorts of negative aspects, lies and forgery. Well, this is the big picture where Islam and Muslims has been intentionally linked to terrorism in the mind and global culture.

After these tremendous efforts have been made throughout decades to bury the truth, Mohammed bin Salman suddenly appears. A young Muslim leader transparently seeks to be a better model for world leaders and seeks to put his people in the right place on the world map.

The so-called Arab Spring Plan (destruction, terrorism) failed miserably to shake Riyadh, and Riyadh has been able to help its allies regain balance and become stronger.

Riyadh stood firm against Washington, Paris, London, Berlin, and provided assistance to protect its allies in Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sudan, Jordan and Yemen. Allies have trusted the Saudis as the Saudis have trusted them.

Obama, radical left, and their allies in the West and the Middle East, extremists and terrorists were stunned by the strong Saudi position.

The most dangerous planned project in the world at all has stopped, it was based on Tehran-Ankara axis and anti-state terrorist groups.

Well, the great Saudi Arabian Muslim Muhammad Bin Salman forced them to start from scratch again. This certainly makes them very frustrated and makes them appear unbalanced as if they are taking drugs, many of them are.

As a result of the miserable failure, the Democrats and their extremist allies led by Obama, were waiting another failure. The assassination of Khashogji was hastily planned, the site was chosen and equipped with cameras, spy tools, journalists and intelligence agents.

Western leaders, thinkers, journalists, politicians, and intelligence officers have publicly stated that they aim is overthrow the Saudi royal family and overthrow and divide Saudi Arabia. They said that before and still do.

The Saudi decision-maker waited long enough to clarify the picture and to evaluate, before reacting vigorously and challenging all pre-prepared threats and sanctions projects in Western capitals.

For these neurotic, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the title of unhappiness because he reminds them of the failure of all their plans, minds, thinkers, strategies, tactics, economic, political and military capabilities.

I understand their difficult psychological and intellectual situation.

How could a young Saudi Arabian Muslim leader defy such huge attempts to overthrow him then wins?

It is a question project that the next decade will not be enough for them to answer.

You know what is the easy Saudi secret that is difficult for many to understand? It’s the monotheism (Tawheed), the foundation of Islam, the only religion that’s acceptable by The Creator Almighty for mankind, where faith is stronger than all material worldly forces.

In one week: Saudi Arabia takes over the presidency of #G20, a seat at UNESCO, succeeds in covering the local Aramco IPO, takes over a seat in the Air Navigation Commission, the Saudi club Al-Hilal achieves AFC Champions League.

Turki al-Owerde is an independent Saudi Political Analyst and Commentator. He tweets under@Turki_AlOwerde.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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