Schools and Internet closed in Iran owing to massive protests against the Regime


Tehran — Iranian Mullah regime on Monday has kept the schools in several cities closed, along with the subway system in Isfahan due to the massive anti-Government protests.

IranWire reported that schools in Alborz, Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan and cities in the province of Khuzestan were closed as protests continued. Moreover, the Internet service has been again blocked after opening it for a brief time.

According to Net Blocks, “the internet blockage is a serious violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Iranian people.”

Official reports confirm that over 1,000 protestors have been detained, however unofficial reports have claimed that over 50 people have died in the police firing.

Khuzestan’s governor has officially confirmed that 180 people protesting against the rise in gas prices had been detained.

It was reported on Sunday that over eight young Iranians and a dozen were injured by IRGC forces on the direct command of Khamenei during the protests in the cities of Sirjan, Behbahan, Karaj, Shiraz, Khorramshahr and Marivan.

Massive protests erupted in Iran over the rise in petrol prices. Moreover, media and journalists are ordered not to report the incidents.

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